Intended for large industrial clients and utility companies who seek to optimize their consumption curve spending.

Our hedging studio enables you to find the hidden cost-saving measures, scenarios and tactics. Unlike other optimization software on the market, ours is focused on solving a specific problem to deliver a cost-effective solution, with integration, ease of use and minimal setup required.

Runs as a browser application which can be run from our cloud to minimize administration woes or directly on premises on machines you trust. The hedging studio seeks to empower you to find ways to optimize your long-term energy needs spending. Upload your curve, mark on which exchanges and with which products you’d like to fill your consumption, upload your own PFC or select one from established sources such as EEX or Montel, and our optimized algorithm will give you the optimal solution in seconds.

Intended to be used as both a primary strategy maker or a way to double-check already established scenarios for their validity, the hedging studio boasts comprehensive audit trail and logging, ensuring results are reproducible and Risk-policy-compliant.

Boasting REST API interfaces, it is easy to setup communication between your already established systems, or even to energy exchanges such as EEX and HUPX. Supporting optimization of multiple commodities such as Power, Gas, Oil, you purchase once and use over your entire organization.

Analysis of clients revealed the following concerns to be the biggest when considering new optimization solutions or upgrading their existing ones:

  • Optimization is expensive, with fears implementation costs will offset potential gains.
  • Hedging algorithms are complex, leading to long runtimes.
  • Lack of qualified personnel to handle software and understand the results.

Our software was designed to address all of these problems. Tackling the issues to bring ease of use and affordability forward.

  • Limiting optimization to a specific problem and designing the algorithms around it and ensuring they are applicable to multiple commodities, we have lowered implementation costs considerably.
  • While the execution is complex, it has also been made to execute swiftly, delivering results in seconds to allow for tinkering with various scenarios and adjustments.
  • Both the setup and the results have been designed to be easily understood. You do not require a PhD mathematician to understand the recommendations given!

Try the Hedging Studio for free with limited functionality.

Open Hedging Studio Demo

Which commodities are supported?

Currently the Power and Gas are implemented, with work being done on Oil and CO2 Certificates hedging being done next.

How easy is the setup?

We strive to make it as easy as possible. If you are fine without having interfaces to your system, it can be as simple as signing up for the service and you’ll be able to run it in minutes.

Are you open to customization?

Yes. If you require enhancements to the software not shipped with the standard version, we are open to including additional functionality.

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