An easy to use solution to collect and verify internal and external data sources.

Our Capture Suite helps you to collect, verify and handle different internal and external data sources your company uses. It provides an easy to use scraping system to gather data according to your schedule. Further we facilitate machine learning techniques to continuously improve the quality of the collected data.

Runs as a browser application on premises on machines you trust. Our easy to use spider system is designed to unify and simplify your data collection process. Configure our spiders, define a run schedule and the data source and how the data should be handled. Typically collected data is forwarded to your databases or internal APIs, but the Capture Suite also offers an integrated visualization engine for manual analysis.

Data is the heart of modern business processes. We intend to optimize the data collection to help you work on what is important – what you do with your data and how it helps your day-to-day business.

Boasting REST API interfaces, it is easy to setup communication between your already established systems. The data varification process is continuously improved by our internal neural network.

We are providing an extensive scraping system that allows you to collect data from internal and external, proprietary and free datasources. Each datasource is validated by a learning system according to your needs. Data can then be transferred to other systems or used for analysis via our visualisation engine.

Try the Capture Suite for free with limited functionality.

Coming Soon: Capture Suite Demo

When will the Capture Suite be available?

The release date for the first stable version is coming up in Q1/ 2020.

How can I get the demo?

You can create an account on our cloud platform or write us an email to order a personal demo.

Are you open to customization?

Yes. If you require enhancements to the software not shipped with the standard version, we are open to including additional functionality.

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